Stock Options & Equity Compensation

You don’t punch a time clock, and your income isn’t just a paycheck. Executive and consultant compensation is a financially complex proposition these days, particularly when equities are involved.

To ensure that you are adequately rewarded for your performance, and that you make the most of those rewards, Clark Nuber offers our expertise in these areas.

  • Equity Compensation – We can play an integral role in negotiating the equity, stock option, or restricted stock portion of your employment or consulting contract, helping you to decide whether Restricted Stock, Incentive or Non-Qualified Stock Options, Phantom Stock, or Deferred Compensation is the best fit for your personal situation. Clark Nuber takes special care to ensure that you and your family will be protected if your employment situation changes unexpectedly. We also can play the reverse role of advising entrepreneurs with the best options for equity compensation from a company perspective.
  • Stock Option and Restricted Stock Advice – Exercising stock options in the wrong tax year can have disastrous financial results—results which can be prevented with proper planning. We can analyze all the “what-if” scenarios for exercising your options, including reverse vesting, filing an 83(b) election for restricted stock, transferring the stock or options to other family members, or receiving a profits interest from a Limited Liability Company.

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