Client Testimonials

Companies, individuals, and organizations all come to Clark Nuber for our unique blend of service, knowledge, and creative thinking.

In the words of our clients:

Having worked in the Seattle market for over 15 years, Duff & Phelps became aware of Clark Nuber through their excellent reputation in the field. After working with the firm, we realized we shared a similar approach to serving our clients. We could not be happier with our partnership in the international tax and transfer pricing arena. Clark Nuber consistently makes their expertise apparent through their relationships with their clients. For example, while managing a complex IP migration transfer-pricing project, Clark Nuber drew on their deep understanding of their client, and their own technical knowledge, to assemble a cross-functional tax team. The tax team was able to see the project through from conception to completion. I think it is also important to note that we truly enjoy working with Clark Nuber professionals on a personal level. Clark Nuber is full of interesting people who understand, and appreciate, the need to enjoy serving clients in order to serve them well.

—  Patrick McColgan
Director of Transfer Pricing,
Duff & Phelps

What we like about using Intacct is that it seems like a system that was made by accountants for accountants. It handles intercompany transactions seamlessly and integrates with other accounting software such as WF payment manager and Concur. On top of all that, it is user friendly and responsive and will save us a lot of time. Everything about Clark Nuber’s implementation – project milestones, training, and transition support – was clearly defined, thorough and informative.

—  The Accounting Team
Rudy's Barbershop,

As we worked through our first SOC 1 audit, Clark Nuber exceeded our expectations regarding both availability and responsiveness, and provided reliable insight and quality guidance at every step of the way.  We interviewed several firms before selecting Clark Nuber.  Their team understood our industry, could relate to Benefit Solutions, Inc. being a small company, and we were able to speak with the actual people that we would be working with.  If I had one word to describe the Clark Nuber team, it would be magnificent. Everyone we dealt with was very professional, an expert in their field, and were able to easily communicate expectations.

—  Shannon Jurdana
Benefit Solutions, Inc.

Point Inside prides itself on hiring the best – the best employees and best professional service partners. When we looked for a financial reporting and tax partner, we talked to a number of people in the technology arena. Clark Nuber consistently came up. After working with them for two years, we can confidently say they met or exceeded all our expectations. The audit team is knowledgeable about financial accounting standards and reporting. The tax team has wide ranges of expertise – local, state, and federal. Their teams work efficiently, bring great ideas to the table, and working with them is a pleasure. Whether you are SaaS or PaaS, I do not hesitate to recommend Clark Nuber.

—  Chief Financial Officer
Point Inside, Inc.,

Clark Nuber brings a level of expertise and service that is hard to match. We have some complicated issues and we are a fast moving organization. Besides being technically of the highest quality, in terms of understanding the changing laws and IRS regulations, they bring an element of creativity, intellectual rigor and responsiveness that I am very satisfied with.

—  Craig Stewart
Apex Foundation

We selected Clark Nuber because they work with a lot of private, closely-held businesses like ours and have other well-respected clients in the HVAC industry. Clark Nuber has more expertise and diversification than the smaller firms, and we get more attention from them than we would from the bigger firms. They’re responsive and professional and conduct themselves as our partners.

—  Jeff Garber

Chief Financial Officer
Sunset Air

If I had to use one word to describe Clark Nuber, it would be ‘awesome.’ During our search process for an accounting firm, it was important to me that whoever we hired had a clear and deep understanding of the hospitality industry. Clark Nuber fit that requirement. When the Clark Nuber team began working with us to do an internal audit, they conducted themselves in such a professional manner. Our team was extremely comfortable with the process and the way it was administered. It was the first experience I’d had with an internal audit that didn’t feel intimidating. Their recommendations were clear and made good business sense. I feel this was a direct result of the high level of integrity of the Clark Nuber team. I would highly recommend them without reservation.

—  Paula Helsel

General Manager,
Sleeping Lady Resort

Clark Nuber is well diversified in terms of the services it offers, which satisfy the long-term needs of my company. Those services are provided by professionals with a high degree of expertise, who take a very relationship-based approach with us. I have found that Clark Nuber takes care of their employees, who in turn take great care of their clients. The company walks its talk in terms of values towards its employees and clients.

—  Nancy Scholl
Chief Financial Officer,
Wright Hotels, Inc

It’s hard to imagine using the word ‘fantastic’ in reference to an accounting firm, but that’s what comes to mind when I think of everyone I’ve come in contact with from Clark Nuber. They do a great job from an accounting standpoint, but it is the people I work with who are really warm and personable. They are service-oriented and work as a team with everyone.

—  Heather Bolek
Assistant Vice President of Human Resources,
Financial Pacific Leasing

Our experience with Clark Nuber has been extremely positive. They have handled both our taxes and our reviewed statements over the years, as well as provided assistance with a few estate planning and business research projects. The quality of the work they produce is very high and they have consistently met deadlines. They have a great team working for them — everyone we work with seems to take a personal interest in our business, is knowledgeable, pleasant to talk with and always willing to help and answer questions. I consider them a valued part of our team and a direct contributor to our achievements.

—  Julie LaPrarie
Rowley Properties, Inc.

During the proposal process, the people from Clark Nuber were very responsive and sensitive to our issues. I thought that if they paid that kind of attention right up front, then they would certainly do the same thing during the actual job. I was right. They delivered what they said they would, and when they said they would. It was an effortless process from my standpoint.

—  Phil Romney
Vice President of Finance,
SeaBright Insurance

Clark Nuber has taken extraordinary steps to understand our company as it has changed and grown. We initially hired them to do our annual financial statement audit because we had heard about their reputation for excellence, integrity, and service. We now engage them to provide technical training, accounting software consultation, and quarterly business reviews. They also help us stay up-to-date with new accounting standards and practices. They help us to clearly communicate our business to our members and to the outside world. If I had one word to describe the Clark Nuber team, it is proactive. 

—  Scott Hardin
Director of Finance & Administration,
Cascade Water Alliance

Since beginning to work with Clark Nuber in 2005, CN has exceeded our expectations year after year, in every way. As the audit process mandated by FASB and circumstances in corporate America have required deeper and more expansive audits, CN has worked with us to simplify and streamline our process. They have demonstrated a willingness to help us drive cost down while improving the accuracy and timeliness of our reporting. We highly recommend them to others seeking a professional and personal accounting firm.

—  Jeff Jones
Evergreen Restaurant Group

I have gone through a number of audit firm transitions in my career and this was by far the easiest. All my staff agree – not only were Clark Nuber folks competent and technically skilled, they were great to work with. If it’s possible to get excited about auditors and accountants, then this may be the time!

—  Don Mortenson
Former Chief Financial Officer,
Seattle Pacific University

We retained Clark Nuber because we were impressed by the deep knowledge that they bring to tax, accounting, and consulting matters. The CN partner on the engagement demonstrated a depth of understanding of key relationships that resulted in clarifying our existing model and how it works. His ability to grasp the models methodology greatly enhanced its utility in providing estimates for financial reporting. 

—  Paul L. Shillam
Former Controller,
Pacific Medical Centers

They consistently meet our expectations and raise the bar for themselves. When our foundation pursued its first program related investment, we were impressed by the extra attention they paid to due diligence. The high level of service and longevity of their staff differentiates them from other providers. In a word, Clark Nuber is invaluable.

—  Richard Woo
Chief Financial Officer,
The Russell Family Foundation

We have worked with Clark Nuber for over 30 years. Because of this long standing relationship, they have developed a good professional and personal understanding of how we operate and continually provide sound advice for the benefit of our long-term interests. If I had one word to describe Clark Nuber, it would be integrity. We can always trust them to do the right thing and always in our best interest.

—  Robert E. Axley
Wood Harbinger