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December 29, 2022

Fraud, Disputes, and Litigation

Protect Your Finances or Build Your Case

Beyond the immediate financial consequences, fraud and business disputes damage an organization’s or an individual’s reputation, impairing their ability to carry on normal functions and meet everyday obligations to the public, investors, or family.

Working with Clark Nuber, you have the financial facts and insights you need to effectively address these situations. We help you to resolve contentious matters discreetly and cost-effectively, enabling you to act decisively without drawing unnecessary attention. Our experienced Certified Fraud Examiners uncover the truth of what happened, build a case for settlement, and support you during litigation so you can focus on building your business rather than protecting it.

We help by providing these services:

Fraud Prevention and Internal Control Studies

The best way to prevent fraud is with effective, enforceable internal controls. Clark Nuber provides a risk assessment with actionable recommendations for updating your policies and protecting your finances.

Fraud Investigation

Fraud can happen in the most unexpected places, from a trusted executive to a beloved volunteer. If fraud has occurred, we work closely with you to create a cost-efficient investigation plan so the impact on your financial resources and your reputation is minimized.

Financial Disputes

Clark Nuber helps you back up your claims with financial facts and analysis, reducing the likelihood for conflicts or litigation. Using our deep knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), we advise you on which issues to pursue aggressively and provide grounded support for your case.

Litigation Support

We work hand-in-hand with your legal team when resolving cases. Oftentimes, our expertise can help move a matter toward settlement and avoid costly and time-consuming litigation. If a fraud investigation or dispute does go to court, our team is there as an expert witness to support your case.

Business Disputes

Disagreements about financial matters are an unfortunate reality of day-to-day business. Clark Nuber provides forensic accounting services and smart analysis to minimize financial and reputational consequences of business disputes and fraud.

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