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December 29, 2022

Audits, Reviews & Compilations

Understand Your Organization Better

Clark Nuber goes beyond the numbers to provide financial statement assurance, audit, and compliance services that truly benefit your company. We seek to understand your organization from the top-down, providing recommendations tailored directly to your needs. We approach financial statements as resources that inform you where risks and opportunities lay so you can make informed decisions toward prosperity and efficiency.

Audit Types

Clark Nuber is knowledgeable in a wide range of audit and entity types. We regularly provide:

Not-for-Profit Audits

As one of the largest providers of audit, accounting and tax services to not-for-profits in Washington State, we provide financial statement, government “Yellow Book” and Single Audits for all types of not-for-profit organizations.

Retirement Plan Audits

Our retirement plan audits include “full scope” and “limited scope” engagements, and our clients have plans ranging from $300,000 to over $1 billion in assets. We are one of the largest providers of retirement plan audits in the U.S.

Private Foundation Audits

Founders or boards want to know that funds are being managed and spent appropriately and that internal controls are up to the latest standards. Clark Nuber can help you prevent mismanagement or fraud while maintaining all necessary confidence and discretion.

Forensic Accounting

Whether you have been victimized by fraud or theft or have just let the records get a little unwieldly, we can help. We work to reconstruct the financial records to identify and quantify what has happened or what went wrong.

Internal Control Reviews

Grant compliance, valuation, vendor and customer relationships and strategic flexibility are all affected by how you choose to monitor finances and regulatory compliance inside your organization. Clark Nuber can help you identify and solve potential problems before they compromise the health of your business.

Service Levels

We understand not everyone needs the same level of financial assurance. In response, we offer four service levels that can be scaled to your needs:

Agreed-upon Procedures

Agreed-upon procedures look at only specific pieces of a financial statement or control system, usually to fulfill the request of a specific user group, bank, or other financing source.


Compilations include the gathering of financial information into a formal financial statement, without verification of or opinions about the resulting document.


Reviews provide limited assurance and include analytical procedures, inquiries, and industry-wide comparisons.


Audits provide the highest level of financial assurance by requiring outside confirmation of information and testing of transactions.

Connect with Us

Joe Purvis

Whenever his family opens the closet to pick a board game, you can bet it’ll be Joe who takes on the role of banker in Monopoly and keeps things fair. When he’s not playing party games, Joe can be found flipping through a multitude of novels and making sure his client’s own books are in order.

CPA | Principal

Miriam Krisher

Miriam’s unfettered curiosity leads her many places in life. It’s brought her to new countries around the world, inspired her to design her own earrings, and compels her to try out new restaurants whenever, and wherever, she can.

CPA | Principal

Jennifer Keller

A woman of the world, Jen was in the Peace Corps in Niger before turning to accounting.

CPA | Principal

Emma Tsuber

Ever the detective, you may find Emma poring over Forensic Files, accounting guidance, or a variety of novels when she is not chasing after her daughter and two sons.

CPA | Senior Manager

Kelly Rancourt

An avid reader of fantasy novels who completes 1,000-piece puzzles in her spare time, it’s no wonder Kelly’s favorite part of her day includes playing make believe with two of her favorite people—her amazing kids.

CPA | Principal

Allison Miller

With hobbies such as reading, exploring the Pacific Northwest, and keeping up with her kids, Allison isn’t one to turn down an adventure.

CPA | Principal

Lisa Cooke

Lisa's competitive nature is a great asset to Clark Nuber, to her clients, and to her teammates on the volleyball court. She began playing the sport as a freshman in high school and can still be found spiking the ball over the net twice a week.

CPA | Principal

Amy Hernandez

After serving 10 years in the hospitality industry, Amy shifted careers and picked up her CPA. But she brings with her that same five-star customer service to every audit engagement.

CPA | Principal

Shelley Oswald

Taking road trips through foreign countries, hiking new trails, snowshoeing over the mountains – these are just a few of the adrenaline-pumping activities Shelley loves most.

CPA | Senior Manager

Katy Al-Khalidi

A mom, hiker, traveler, and transplant to the Pacific Northwest from Buffalo, NY, chances are you will find Katy on the move.

CPA | Principal

Victoria Kitts

Whether she’s supporting local music, taking life lessons from dystopian films, or assisting the philanthropic world through not-for-profit accounting, Victoria is committed to doing her part and “using her powers for good.”

CPA, CFE | Senior Manager

Matt Sutorius

Like several other Clark Nuber professionals, Matt enjoys pushing himself to the red line physically, with his method of choice being long-distance endurance cycling. When he’s on the road, he’s reviewing performance analytics and making custom spreadsheets to track his training results and progress. Spreadsheets – it must be an accountant thing.

CPA, CFE | Shareholder

Sarah Wine

A dual citizen of the UK and the US, a James Bond aficionada, and an admirer of many-a-British soap opera; we feel pretty darn lucky that Sarah calls the US, and Clark Nuber, home.

CPA | Shareholder

Christie Streit

Christie loves building relationships with business owners to better understand their business models and see how great ideas become reality.

CPA | Principal

Karen Ledbetter

After growing up with five older brothers and sisters, it’s no surprise that Karen treats her clients like family.

CPA | Shareholder

Julie Eisenhauer

Julie feels right at home at Clark Nuber where her colleagues share her commitment to lifelong client relationships.

CPA | Shareholder

Vincent J. Stevens

Maybe it’s being married to his high school sweetheart, maybe it’s all the kayaking, or maybe it’s the fresh Northwest air; but something inspires Vincent to paint - and quite well, in fact. One of his paintings traveled the world in an exhibition. He wishes he could have tagged along.

CPA, CGMA | Shareholder

Andrew Prather

He considered both art and architecture as majors in college, but for reasons unknown to him still, Andrew ended up in accounting.

CPA | Shareholder

Pete Miller

Who says music and accounting don’t mix? Pete not only plays the drums in his off-hours, he whistles while he works.

CPA, CFE | Shareholder

Matt Medlin

Matt is dedicated to helping his community. One way he does that is by volunteering—and another is by helping innovative businesses start, grow, and prosper.

CPA, CFE | Shareholder

Mitch Hansen

He was named after a comic character in MAD Magazine. He’s a hockey fanatic and a member of four MINI Cooper Clubs. He and the family also enjoy sea kayaking.

CPA, CMA, CFE, CIA | Shareholder

Candi Avery

This home-grown gal has spent her entire career at Clark Nuber and enjoyed every minute of it, working with "the most talented and knowledgeable not-for-profit accounting and tax experts in the Pacific Northwest."

CPA, CFE, CGMA | Shareholder

Troy Rector

Every organization faces challenges, and Troy truly enjoys helping guide clients through it all.

CPA | Shareholder

Hillary Parker

Hillary is an extreme planner even when she’s having fun (which means traveling, snowmobiling, motorcycling, and other activities not involving sitting still).

CPA | Shareholder

Cassie Binford

When not adventuring, Cassie is a senior manager in Clark Nuber’s Audit and Assurance Group, focusing on emerging technology companies.

CPA | Senior Manager

Nicole Doran

While Nicole had originally planned to become an interior designer, we are lucky to have her incredible project management skills benefiting our Audit and Assurance Service Group instead!

Nicole Doran
CPA | Senior Manager