Fraud Reporting Center

Welcome to the Clark Nuber Fraud Reporting Center. We provide a secure, anonymous, and easy way for employees of participating companies to report potentially fraudulent activity.

If your company has signed up for this service, you can report an incident here. If you would like to use the Fraud Reporting Center at your company, click the Company Registration button below and follow the prompts, or for more information, contact our in-house fraud expert Pete Miller. Standard pricing for a subscription to this service is $500 per year.  If you are already a Clark Nuber client, discounted rates will apply.

DISCLAIMER: This Fraud Reporting Center and online reporting form are designed for reporting suspected cases of fraud and are not a substitute for employment-related grievances or appeals. You may remain anonymous if you prefer. All information received or discovered will be discussed only with persons having a legitimate reason to receive the information.

Fraud Reporting Center – Registration    Fraud Reporting Center – Incident Submission

Why use a fraud reporting tool?            

For companies: Tips are the most common way fraud is discovered—and can make a big difference to your bottom line. On average, companies with fraud reporting mechanisms cut the cost of fraud by 41% and the time to detection by 50%, which can help you reduce potential damage to your reputation.

For employees: If you are an employee at a company and you know of fraud, you might be nervous about speaking up. This is a place where you can do it without fear of reprisal. The information you provide will be sent to a third party who will notify only your company’s designated fraud reporting contacts. There are always two such contacts, so if one is possibly involved in a fraud the other can be notified. Your name and contact information are not required to make an incident report, and will not be shared with your company unless you request it.

FRC Contact

Pete Miller, CPA, CFE
Clark Nuber
Phone: 425-709-6696
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