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December 14, 2022

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Stability in a New Frontier

Blockchain and associated technologies are evolving at lightning speed, faster than regulations can keep up. If your business is an early adopter, you face uncertainty while investors, regulators, and customers demand clarity. Developing consistent, defensible controls and governance will better shield you from sudden shifts in this new frontier.

Our professionals have followed cryptocurrency regulations for years, gaining the knowledge to help you navigate the tax, audit, accounting, and strategic implications of blockchain in your business, whether you’re taking bitcoin like cash or building a new platform from the ground up. You focus on innovation; we’ll help you navigate the unknown.

Specific Services for You

  • Valuing cryptocurrency for financial reporting and income and operating tax returns
  • Foreign bank account and other anti-corruption regulations
  • Cryptocurrency investment policies
  • Strategic consulting and advocacy
  • Governance and internal controls
  • Referrals to experienced legal and technology partners

Connect with Us

Matt Medlin

Matt is dedicated to helping his community. One way he does that is by volunteering—and another is by helping innovative businesses start, grow, and prosper.

CPA, CFE | Shareholder

Matt Sutorius

Like several other Clark Nuber professionals, Matt enjoys pushing himself to the red line physically, with his method of choice being long-distance endurance cycling. When he’s on the road, he’s reviewing performance analytics and making custom spreadsheets to track his training results and progress. Spreadsheets – it must be an accountant thing.

CPA, CFE | Shareholder

Jennifer Mace

Maybe it’s the fact that she comes from a two-team family, but Jennifer thrives on difficulty.

CPA | Shareholder

Steve Day

Joining Clark Nuber as a shareholder after 20 years at Ernst & Young, Steve’s experience is broad and deep—even if one disregards his summer job during college as a night shift quality grader at a local pea-packing plant.

CPA | Shareholder

Emma Tsuber

Ever the detective, you may find Emma poring over Forensic Files, accounting guidance, or a variety of novels when she is not chasing after her daughter and two sons.

CPA | Senior Manager