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December 29, 2022

Tax Compliance & Planning

Meeting Your Tax Needs

Clark Nuber applies the fine points of the current and potential future tax laws to federal and state income tax planning for individuals, partnerships, limited liability companies, corporations, and not-for-profits. We plan effectively, use the most current technology, and diligently monitor constantly changing tax laws and regulations to represent taxpayers at all levels. Our services include:

Income Tax Planning

Tax planning is critical for financial growth. We advise you on the different forms of business ownership and the related tax consequences and help you with year-end tax planning, evaluating the tax consequences of certain transactions, and estate and gift planning.

Tax Preparation

We prepare tax returns for businesses, tax-exempt organizations, individuals, estates, trusts, partnerships, and corporations. Our practice also includes up-to-date tax planning and consulting, which provides you with a fully integrated package of services.

Form 990

Clark Nuber collaborated with CCH, a Wolters Kluwer company, to publish the Form 990 Compliance Guide. This is an interactive online guide for preparing the annual Federal Form 990 and 990-EZ for tax-exempt organizations. Learn more about our Form 990 services.

Litigation Services

We assist you in developing and negotiating strategies for all types of legal disputes including divorce, employment contracts, and business disputes. We can also help you evaluate the potential economic effects of settlement proposals.

More Tax Services

Nexus Studies

A nexus study is an analysis of where your organization may have filing requirements by identifying activities that are creating a taxable presence in other states. We prioritize your tax obligations for each jurisdiction so you can manage your business risk and negotiate agreements in order to reduce the tax liability, penalties, and interest for prior periods.

Property Tax Exemptions

We understand Washington property tax exemption laws and have actually worked with various organizations to write several exemptions passed by the Legislature.

Personal Property Tax Analysis

These reviews examine the tax classifications of assets to segregate them into little-known categories that quickly minimize your annual assessment. They also verify the removal of disposed assets and reduce the value of your assessment for other non-includable items.

Tax-Exempt Status Filing and Management

Clark Nuber can provide your organization with experienced consultants to help you file for tax-exempt status—or manage the entire process from start to finish, leaving you free to pursue the more important goals of your organization.

Nancy Scholl

“Clark Nuber is well diversified in terms of the services it offers, which satisfy the long-term needs of my company. Those services are provided by professionals with a high degree of expertise, who take a very relationship-based approach with us. I have found that Clark Nuber takes care of their employees, who in turn take great care of their clients. The company walks its talk in terms of values towards its employees and clients.”

Nancy Scholl
Chief Financial Officer, Wright Hotels, Inc

Connect with Us

Sara Elizabeth Jones

Back in the mists of time, Sara Elizabeth served as managing director of a small opera company, which makes even the most arduous tax return seem like a piece of cake.

CPA | Shareholder

Jennifer Becker Harris

Foundations and not-for-profits might be exempt from taxation, but they’re not exempt from complexity: anything but.

CPA, MST | Shareholder

Amber Busch

Fourteen years of remodeling activity can test the patience of a saint, especially with kids and a pet underfoot. However, when the remodeler is your husband, you're willing to cut him a little slack.

CPA, MST | Shareholder

Rick Cooley

Rick is an eclectic person, which is possibly the reason he’s a successful part of several different areas in the firm’s tax practice.

CPA | Shareholder

Steve Day

Joining Clark Nuber as a shareholder after 20 years at Ernst & Young, Steve’s experience is broad and deep—even if one disregards his summer job during college as a night shift quality grader at a local pea-packing plant.

CPA | Shareholder

Dora Leung

Meet our own Dora the Explorer, and like the intrepid Nickelodeon heroine our Dora has a love of journeying to new places and learning new things.

CPA | Shareholder

Jennifer Mace

Maybe it’s the fact that she comes from a two-team family, but Jennifer thrives on difficulty.

CPA | Shareholder

Jeff Pannell

Whether it's water skiing, golfing, scuba diving, spending time with family, or attending sporting events, when he's not hard at work in the office, Jeff can be found outdoors.

CPA, MST | Shareholder

Dan Cassidy

A principal in Clark Nuber's tax practice, Dan loves a challenge.

CPA | Principal

Elizabeth Nesmith

Elizabeth believes that her success is not measured in momentous events, but in being available for her clients as they move through their lives.


Megan Ryan

Megan provides timely, thorough, and accurate tax assistance to exempt organizations so they can focus on delivering great programs to the communities they serve.

CPA | Principal

Rene Schaefer

When she's not working in Bellevue, Rene can be found anchoring Clark Nuber's "south sound office" from her home in Lacey, Washington. In her downtime, Rene enjoys cooking, golfing, and traveling. So far, she has visited 40 different countries – and counting!

CPA, MST | Principal

Kaman Shiu

From watching thrillers, to owning a miniature poodle, to having lived in three countries, there’s no doubt that Kaman leads an exciting life. In her downtime, she enjoys traveling, embarking on culinary adventures, and watching sports.

CPA | Principal

Jamie Penry

When she needs a momentary break from work, Jamie has plenty of avenues. She might hop on her motorcycle and chase the sun. She may dive into a new crime novel or show. Or her beloved dog might make the decision for her and decide it's time for a walk.

CPA | Principal

Celia Davis

Celia lives her life from ski to sea. And with a deep love for travel, she’s made it a goal to visit as many of the world’s best beaches as she can.

CPA | Senior Manager

Karen Dunn

To boldly go beyond clients’ tax issues, look at their operations holistically, and help them achieve their exempt purposes…that’s Karen’s lifelong mission.

JD LLM | Senior Manager

Frances A. Olson

While Frances spends a lot of her day consulting compliance books, it’s her own personal cookbook she’s working on when she’s home. A star in the kitchen and in the tax department, Frances is always busy trying out something new.

CPA, MST | Principal

Anthony “Skip” Smith

After years of a leadership role in youth sports, nothing at work can rock Skip’s boat.

CPA | Principal

Dan Wright

With a wide-ranging and highly curious intellect, it comes as no surprise that Dan's passion is learning.

CPA, MAcc | Principal

Lisa McCreedy

With Lisa’s long history of involvement in both the tax and dance professions, it’s safe to say her accounting recommendations are always en pointe!

CPA | Senior Manager