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September 20, 2023

Transaction Services

A Cross-functional Team for Your M&A Transactions

Have your eyes on acquiring a rival business? Or considering taking yours to market? Clark Nuber’s tax and audit professionals are ready to assist you in every step of the process, from the initial planning all the way through to signing. Our tailored approach means you’ll have a comprehensive team on your side from the start, offering you professional advice as you move to finalize the transaction. We are available to advise on the following services:

Mergers and Acquisitions

Growing your business through a merger or acquisition is as exciting as it is complex. Our team provides you with insights at each of the transaction’s many steps, offering our decades of experience to help you move confidently through the process and avoid common pitfalls. Our connections to attorneys, bankers, and other key players mean you can have your transaction team put together from the beginning, a key ingredient in a successful merger or acquisition.

Quality of Earnings Report

Whether buying or selling, a QoE report can tell the financial story of the business involved, offering a “big picture” view of its operating trends and fiscal health. As a buyer, our data book allows you to make informed decisions about the transaction you’re considering. As a seller, these reports can help you put your best foot forward in bringing your business to market.

Due Diligence

As part of the due diligence process, our team will help you understand the risk you’re taking on when acquiring a new business. We provide a comprehensive review service, including a close look at the tax liabilities of the transaction, the financial health of the target business, its operational capabilities, and the strength of their IT infrastructure.

Tax Structuring

Tax planning is one of the most crucial aspects of a successful merger and acquisition. Our professionals provide a strategic analysis of your financial situation by examining the tax liabilities you may face, their impacts on the business’ cash flow, and the ideal time to make a transaction. We develop alternative approaches in pursuit of the most agreeable plan for all parties involved.

Connect with Us

Pete Miller

Who says music and accounting don’t mix? Pete not only plays the drums in his off-hours, he whistles while he works.

CPA, CFE | Shareholder

Jeff Pannell

Whether it's water skiing, golfing, scuba diving, spending time with family, or attending sporting events, when he's not hard at work in the office, Jeff can be found outdoors.

CPA, MST | Shareholder

Steve Day

Joining Clark Nuber as a shareholder after 20 years at Ernst & Young, Steve’s experience is broad and deep—even if one disregards his summer job during college as a night shift quality grader at a local pea-packing plant.

CPA | Shareholder

Dan Wright

With a wide-ranging and highly curious intellect, it comes as no surprise that Dan's passion is learning.

CPA, MAcc | Principal

Anthony “Skip” Smith

After years of a leadership role in youth sports, nothing at work can rock Skip’s boat.

CPA | Principal

Dan Cassidy

A principal in Clark Nuber's tax practice, Dan loves a challenge.

CPA | Principal

Hillary Parker

Hillary is an extreme planner even when she’s having fun (which means traveling, snowmobiling, motorcycling, and other activities not involving sitting still).

CPA | Shareholder

Mike Nurse

Whether it’s climbing 19,341 feet to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro, reaching terminal velocity while skydiving, or rescuing feral cats, Mike is always up for an exciting new adventure.

CPA, CFE, CGMA | Shareholder

Miriam Krisher

Miriam’s unfettered curiosity leads her many places in life. It’s brought her to new countries around the world, inspired her to design her own earrings, and compels her to try out new restaurants whenever, and wherever, she can.

CPA | Principal

Anna Au

In quiet relaxing moments, soothing cuddles from her cat brings Anna joy. At other times it is endorphins from her workouts, FaceTiming with her daughter, or just chilling with her husband.

CPA, MST, TEP | Shareholder