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December 29, 2022

Wealth Transfer & Estate Planning

Build a Legacy and Your Family’s Future Success

Devising a wealth transfer (estate) plan is an ongoing, complicated process and should not be left to simply writing a will and dividing up the property. Clark Nuber will work with your advisors—legal counsel, personal CFO, brokers, and others—to create a plan that helps you control the disposition of your wealth. We can guide you through the maze of strategies: Family Limited Liability Companies, annual gifting, 529 College Savings Plans and Guaranteed Education Tuition Funding, Qualified Subchapter S Trusts, Charitable Remainder Trusts, and others.

If you have experienced major events—birth, death, marriage, divorce, moving to a new state, business changes or changes in the value of your assets—it’s important to re-examine your financial plan in light of them. Our professionals help keep your wealth transfer and estate plan current, coherent, and effective.

Strategies for Wealth Management

Over our many years of experience in the wealth transfer and estate planning process, we have developed proven strategies to ensure your property goes where you want it to go:

Providing for the Whole Family

Learn how to leave your assets to your children, free of estate taxes, without affecting your spouse’s financial security. Your spouse can continue to receive income from the assets or have access to the principal for maintenance and health care costs, while your children do not have to pay estate taxes.

Property Management Strategies

Our professionals are knowledgeable in numerous strategies for manages your property. Proper planning can leave you in control of your property while alive, even after giving it away to a recipient. In addition, as the manager of the property, you can place limitations on its ownership and use, which discounts the value of the property. The discount, in turn, lowers the gift tax.

Life Insurance Strategies

You needn’t include life insurance proceeds in your taxable estate. Life insurance trusts have become important estate planning tools ever since the generation-skipping tax exemption came on the scene. It’s a great way to pass wealth directly to your grandchildren while minimizing estate taxes at the same time.

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