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June 24, 2023


Keep Your Organization Financially Healthy

Clark Nuber’s professionals have deep experience in working with all types of healthcare entities, including hospitals and their foundations; health systems; long-term care facilities; community health and mental health clinics; and physician and multispecialty practices. Our single-office firm houses national firm talent, promising you technical expertise with a personable touch. We offer guidance on risk management, internal controls, compliance, implementing automation, and more.

Specialized Services for You

Our professionals can advise you in specialized areas such as:

  • Reimbursement/Medicare consulting
  • Physician pay calculation
  • Assistance with federal awards training and indirect cost rate proposals
  • Board training regarding financial statements and responsibilities
  • Tax-exempt status advice
  • Contractual allowance analysis
  • Internal audit support
  • Cost/benefit analysis of outreach and charity care
  • Joint ventures and choice-of-entity consulting
  • Merger and acquisition consulting and due diligence support
  • Accounting, billing, and collection system internal control reviews
  • Software solutions and training

Chris Bundesmann

“The Hutch chooses Clark Nuber for their deep expertise and commitment to not-for-profits. They have been our go-to firm for advisory services related to complex accounting, tax and federal compliance issues. They helped us streamline our financial statements and schedule of expenditures of federal awards, saving us a significant amount of prep time each year and making them more readable and useful to our donors and stakeholders. In terms of tax compliance, it gives me peace of mind knowing that Clark Nuber is known nationally for its not-for-profit practice.”

Chris Bundesmann
Corporate Controller, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center

Connect with Us

Sara Elizabeth Jones

Back in the mists of time, Sara Elizabeth served as managing director of a small opera company, which makes even the most arduous tax return seem like a piece of cake.

CPA | Shareholder

Troy Rector

Every organization faces challenges, and Troy truly enjoys helping guide clients through it all.

CPA | Shareholder

Kelly Rancourt

An avid reader of fantasy novels who completes 1,000-piece puzzles in her spare time, it’s no wonder Kelly’s favorite part of her day includes playing make believe with two of her favorite people—her amazing kids.

CPA | Principal

Joe Purvis

Whenever his family opens the closet to pick a board game, you can bet it’ll be Joe who takes on the role of banker in Monopoly and keeps things fair. When he’s not playing party games, Joe can be found flipping through a multitude of novels and making sure his client’s own books are in order.

CPA | Principal

Shareen Corlett

A voracious reader of mystery novels from a very young age, Shareen loves putting her sleuthing skills to work solving her clients’ accounting puzzles.

CPA | Principal

Grant Shaver

If you ever receive an email from Grant saying he’s “out of the office,” he really means it! An avid mountaineer, rock climber, biker, canoer, skier, and more, Grant loves moving around the great outdoors whichever way he can.

CPA | Principal

Victoria Kitts

Whether she’s supporting local music, taking life lessons from dystopian films, or assisting the philanthropic world through not-for-profit accounting, Victoria is committed to doing her part and “using her powers for good.”

CPA, CFE | Senior Manager

Cheryl R. Olson

Watching every single film that’s been nominated for Best Picture takes some kind of commitment, and it comes as no surprise to us that Cheryl has that type of commitment – in spades.

CPA, CGMA | Director, Solutions Strategist

Vincent J. Stevens

Maybe it’s being married to his high school sweetheart, maybe it’s all the kayaking, or maybe it’s the fresh Northwest air; but something inspires Vincent to paint - and quite well, in fact. One of his paintings traveled the world in an exhibition. He wishes he could have tagged along.

CPA, CGMA | Shareholder

Lisa McCreedy

With Lisa’s long history of involvement in both the tax and dance professions, it’s safe to say her accounting recommendations are always en pointe!

CPA | Senior Manager