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December 29, 2022

Manufacturing & Consumer Products

Supplying Financial Excellence

From globe-spanning supply chains to the explosive growth of ecommerce, the manufacturing and consumer products industry is highly competitive and always evolving. We’ll help you navigate and leverage those changes into business success.

Our Manufacturing and Consumer Products Services Group works with closely held entities across the supply chain to improve their processes and better understand their finances. We’ve partnered with apparel, electronics, and aerospace manufacturers; food and beverage distributors; and wholesalers and retailers to help them grow profitability, expand their market, and increase operations.

Clark Nuber invests in the manufacturing and consumer products industry through active engagement in specialized organizations, such as LEA Global, so we can assist you with complex international finance issues. This alliance provides us with access to practicing professionals in over 100 countries and a vast international knowledge base.

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Specialized Services for You

Our professionals can advise you in specialized areas such as:

  • Technical accounting
  • Tax structuring and planning
  • International, state, and local tax
  • Transaction support: due diligence and Quality of Earnings reports and structuring
  • Credits and incentives
  • Employee Benefit Plan audits
  • Environmental Social Governance consulting
  • IT Services
  • Outsourced finance and accounting

Connect with Us

Hillary Parker

Hillary is an extreme planner even when she’s having fun (which means traveling, snowmobiling, motorcycling, and other activities not involving sitting still).

CPA | Shareholder

Dora Leung

Meet our own Dora the Explorer, and like the intrepid Nickelodeon heroine our Dora has a love of journeying to new places and learning new things.

CPA | Shareholder

Miriam Krisher

Miriam’s unfettered curiosity leads her many places in life. It’s brought her to new countries around the world, inspired her to design her own earrings, and compels her to try out new restaurants whenever, and wherever, she can.

CPA | Principal

Grant Shaver

If you ever receive an email from Grant saying he’s “out of the office,” he really means it! An avid mountaineer, rock climber, biker, canoer, skier, and more, Grant loves moving around the great outdoors whichever way he can.

CPA | Principal

Lisa Cooke

Lisa's competitive nature is a great asset to Clark Nuber, to her clients, and to her teammates on the volleyball court. She began playing the sport as a freshman in high school and can still be found spiking the ball over the net twice a week.

CPA | Principal

Rene Schaefer

When she's not working in Bellevue, Rene can be found anchoring Clark Nuber's "south sound office" from her home in Lacey, Washington. In her downtime, Rene enjoys cooking, golfing, and traveling. So far, she has visited 40 different countries – and counting!

CPA, MST | Principal

Jennifer Mace

Maybe it’s the fact that she comes from a two-team family, but Jennifer thrives on difficulty.

CPA | Shareholder

Dan Cassidy

A principal in Clark Nuber's tax practice, Dan loves a challenge.

CPA | Principal

Pete Miller

Who says music and accounting don’t mix? Pete not only plays the drums in his off-hours, he whistles while he works.

CPA, CFE | Shareholder

Steve Day

Joining Clark Nuber as a shareholder after 20 years at Ernst & Young, Steve’s experience is broad and deep—even if one disregards his summer job during college as a night shift quality grader at a local pea-packing plant.

CPA | Shareholder