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December 29, 2022


On the Cutting-Edge of Service and Technology

Maximizing agility while ensuring compliance is a top concern of technology companies in the market today. As a player in this fast-paced industry you need dynamic, responsive partners. Clark Nuber is here to meet those needs.

Our Technology Group serves angel and venture-backed enterprises in SaaS, blockchain, cryptocurrency, AI, machine learning, AR/VR, telecom, product innovation, and health sciences. Whether you’re a start-up, emerging-growth, or mature company, our professionals partner with you to establish sound business, tax, financial reporting, and best practices. enhance your ability to raise funds, attract customers, and explain your financial results to investors and creditors.

With global capability scaled to emerging companies, we offer world-class service and easy accessibility.

Specialized Services for You

Our professionals can advise you in specialized areas such as:

  • Determining the best corporate structure (LLC, C Corp or S Corp)
  • Establishing accounting policies for revenue recognition, equity-based compensation, development costs, and capital raises
  • Assessing policies and providing SOC1 / SOC2 reports on controls
  • Improving start-up company cash flow by obtaining reductions in monthly payroll taxes through credits for research and development activities
  • Complying with Microsoft’s SSPA security and privacy protocols
  • Setting up stock option plans
  • Adhering to state sales and use tax regulations
  • Developing sound accounting and internal controls
  • Expanding outside the United States with sales and/or development teams
  • Addressing privacy and data security issues
  • Preparing for exit through acquisition or IPO, including obtaining benefits of the IRS exclusion of gains on sales of small business stock
  • Expanding with mergers and acquisitions or exiting through an acquisition
  • Taking advantage of a wide variety of other federal and state tax incentives and credits

Matt Everham

“Clark Nuber was instrumental in getting Northwest Event Technology through the SSPA audit process. Their team is a great resource to help small companies like ours navigate the privacy requirements of our largest client.”

Matt Everham
General Manager, Northwest Event Technology

Connect with Us

Matt Medlin

Matt is dedicated to helping his community. One way he does that is by volunteering—and another is by helping innovative businesses start, grow, and prosper.

CPA, CFE | Shareholder

Matt Sutorius

Like several other Clark Nuber professionals, Matt enjoys pushing himself to the red line physically, with his method of choice being long-distance endurance cycling. When he’s on the road, he’s reviewing performance analytics and making custom spreadsheets to track his training results and progress. Spreadsheets – it must be an accountant thing.

CPA, CFE | Shareholder

Emma Tsuber

Ever the detective, you may find Emma poring over Forensic Files, accounting guidance, or a variety of novels when she is not chasing after her daughter and two sons.

CPA | Senior Manager

Pete Miller

Who says music and accounting don’t mix? Pete not only plays the drums in his off-hours, he whistles while he works.

CPA, CFE | Shareholder

Grant Shaver

If you ever receive an email from Grant saying he’s “out of the office,” he really means it! An avid mountaineer, rock climber, biker, canoer, skier, and more, Grant loves moving around the great outdoors whichever way he can.

CPA | Principal

Lisa Cooke

Lisa's competitive nature is a great asset to Clark Nuber, to her clients, and to her teammates on the volleyball court. She began playing the sport as a freshman in high school and can still be found spiking the ball over the net twice a week.

CPA | Principal

Jennifer Mace

Maybe it’s the fact that she comes from a two-team family, but Jennifer thrives on difficulty.

CPA | Shareholder

Dan Wright

With a wide-ranging and highly curious intellect, it comes as no surprise that Dan's passion is learning.

CPA, MAcc | Principal

Dora Leung

Meet our own Dora the Explorer, and like the intrepid Nickelodeon heroine our Dora has a love of journeying to new places and learning new things.

CPA | Shareholder

Dan Cassidy

A principal in Clark Nuber's tax practice, Dan loves a challenge.

CPA | Principal

Steve Day

Joining Clark Nuber as a shareholder after 20 years at Ernst & Young, Steve’s experience is broad and deep—even if one disregards his summer job during college as a night shift quality grader at a local pea-packing plant.

CPA | Shareholder

Cassie Binford

When not adventuring, Cassie is a senior manager in Clark Nuber’s Audit and Assurance Group, focusing on emerging technology companies.

CPA | Senior Manager